If your harmonica needs service, I have a solution that’s right for you.

  ** I had the pleasure to meet Alex Rossi a few years ago. To my great surprise he not only plays the harmonica but also knows how to repair them. He has been working on my instruments when i tour Europe and its been a treat to have my harmonicas perfectly tuned everytime he work on them.
I highly recommend you go see him if you need any help with your harmonica. *

Gregoire Maret

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A select group of harmonica technicians from around the world, who have successfully absolved the training and accreditation course in the Service Department at our factory in Trossingen, are entitled to advertise themselves as Hohner Harmonica Service Technicians. These independent craftsmen are qualified to conduct all repairs on Hohner harmonicas, using original Hohner parts. I am one of those technicians and I ‘ll do my best to treat your harmonica with the best service.


In order to fully realize their musical visions, top professional players often need a little bit more than a series instrument is able to deliver. That’s where customizing comes in. With the harmonica, customization basically entails making extremely fine adjustments to a series instrument to better meet the player’s individual requirements.